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Alimony qualifications: can alimony be received with less than 5yrs. of marriage?

Tennessee |

been married less than 5yrs. wanting to know the minimum years it takes to qualify for alimony.

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I am a California family law attorney and I'm answering this based on California law. Perhaps my answer will assist a California user of Avvo.

In California, Alimony is not a term we use. Instead, we call it Spousal Support. Spousal support is up to the discretion of the family law judge. As a starting point, temporary spousal support is usually calculated using the same computer program we use for calculating child support. A common program used is Dissomaster. Every California county has a Family Law Facilitator, or self help center as well as a law library. At these locations you should be able to find the computer program available for your use.

To answer your question, yes. However, how long and how much spousal support will depend on the circumstances of your case.