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Agent made false contract with my information and his life insurance company charged me.How can I get my money back? Please help

Chicago, IL |

He changed my phone number, I never got the policy, fake signature on my copy of policy from agency

Im undocumented and my English isnot really proper and Im lost at insurance language talks.He speaks same language as I do. Thank you

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The post is unclear. Did you call the life insurance company to find out if your policy was valid?



Yes,I did .They told me ,its valid because of signature,but isnot mine, and it passed the cancellation time, but I didnt have any idea I have this policy.I cancelled the policy and closed my bank account.Who is tall 7 feet, one of information, beneficiary people I dont know them, etc.


Ifr you feel your agent or the insurance company acted wrongly, you can file a complaint with the Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation. There is also special agency for insurance compalint but I cannot recall it off the top of my head. You should be able to locate the information easily through Google of by looking at an insurance statement. For best result, you should consult in person with an attorney who handles insurance agent or carrier fraud.

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