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Age of consent laws depending on both parteners' ages.

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My younger sister wants to have sex with her boyfriend but doesn't want him to get in any trouble since she is younger. She is still 15 and will be 16 in 2 months and he has just turned 17, 2 weeks ago. I want to know if there is any problems that could arise if someone were to find out. If they have sex now, what are the laws ? if she waits until she is 16, what are the laws ? If her boyfriend turns 18 and she is still 16, what would be the laws ? Also, if her boyfriend is 18 and she is 17, what would be the laws ?

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The age of consent in NY is 17 so the boyfriend would be comitting a crime and could be arrested and prosecuted if anyone reported him.

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She cannot legally consent to sex unless she is 17. Since she won't be 17 for about 14 months, that is when she could do that without potential legal issue.


In New York state the age of consent is 17

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