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Age for sexting

Gainesville, FL |

in florida the consent age is 16 can consent to a person up to the age of 24 is that the same thing for sending pictures through cell phones i.e. nude pictures? like can a person under the age of 24 years age send a naked picture or her/his self to someone 16 years of age

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The age of consent is only really relevant to physical sexual contact, but the fact that the recipient of the naked picture is legally a minor may mean that the person sending the pictures has committed a crime -- many states have laws against distributing or showing pornographic or obscene material to a minor. The 16 year old should have a parent or guardian contact the local police department or district attorney's office.


Florida Statute 847.0137 and 847.0138 cover "sexting" in Florida. And it is illegal to send a nude picture to anyone under 18 if the picture would be considered obscene by the community.