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After years of mental abuse, can I force my wife to get help and/or move out so we can sell the house?

Hamburg, NJ |

My wife is a long time hoarder who doesn't work, sleeps most of the day and refuses to get help of any kind. We are behind in bills, have no income and about to lose the house. I wanted to sell it 6 years ago but have been trying to get my wife to turn her life around. Since nothing has helped, now I want a divorce and need to sell the house. We are mentally torturing each other like "War of the Roses".

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If you file for divorce, you can file a motion for pendente lite relief and request that the house be put on the market.


Well, if you file for divorce you can request that the house be sold. I advise you to talk to experienced family law attorneys in your area.

This is not a legal advise.


You must file for divorce and request the relief you want.

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