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After the 341 meeting how long does it take for the discharge to show up.We have to move, for we surrendered the house.

Saint Joseph, MO |

They tell us before we can move to another place place, the discharge has to show up on our credit report.
How long does this take? Could we end up being homeless?

The places that we have checked into, to move, they tell us that we can't be accepted till the discharge shows up on our credit report

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The discharge usually takes just over 2 months after the 341 meeting. You may be hearing that you have to be discharged before getting housing because people are afraid of offering new credit until the discharge is entered. Though you didn't ask, the foreclosure may not happen for quite some time, so you could stay in your house until it's sold. I also tell my clients that when they look for a place to live they might try friends of friends and individual owners rather than corporate apartments that just look at paperwork before making a decision.

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Assuming it is a no-asset case, the discharge is usually entered approximately 2-3 months after your meeting with the Trustee. But who is telling you that you cannot move prior to discharge? That doesn't make any sense.

Mark J. Markus, Attorney at Law


You can receive your discharge about 2 months after the 341 meeting, but to be safe, plan that you will receive it in about 3 months. Some jurisdictions hold up your discharge until any pending reaffirmation agreements have been approved by the Court. On your 341 meeting notice you will see a deadline to object to dischargeability. Once that date passes and so long as no one has objected to your discharge (your trustee or any creditors), your discharge will be entered. If your discharge hasn't shown up on your creditor report, be sure to have your paperwork handy to show any prospective creditors.


If the trustee filed a no distribution report, then your only hurdle is waiting out the timeline for objections. I have not had clients with problems moving after the petition was filed. Some skiddish landlords want to wait for discharge because they are afraid that you will dismiss and refile if you run into problems with them. Look for another place. Most landlords, from what I have heard, are not like that.

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