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After recieving a final bill how long do i have to pay it befor they can put it on my credit?

Reynoldsburg, OH |

i moved out of an apartment not even 30 days ago i have not recieved a final bill but have recieved a letter from a collection agency sayin they have put it on my credit can they do this i have not recieved the final bill

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Attorney answers 1


you do not say what the final bill is for

in the normal course of finishing a lease there is no bill because all the rent was due before you moved out

therefore, my thought is that you are in default of your lease and owe money to the landlord
so if my assumption is correct then yes the collection agency may try to collect because you are already past due - no need to wait for a final bill

secondary issue - if you provided a written forwarding address to the landlord at the time you moved out then landlord must send you an accounting of your security deposit within 30 days
- that in effect would be your final bill