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After receiving the eviction filed to the court, how long do you I have before me and my kids have to move?

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An eviction lawsuit usually takes at least two weeks.
The average time can be 3-5 weeks.

It depends on how busy the clerk of courts, the process server, the judge, and the sheriff's department are.

You can file a counter-claim against the landlord.

Good luck!


When you say an eviction filed in court, then you are probably referring to a paper called a summons and not a three day notice. You have 5 business days to respond, not including weekends and the date of service to put money in court registry or otherwise respond. If you do nothing the landlord will ask for a default and writ of possession (which is the paper that gives the sheriff permission to put a person out of the property). My best guess is that you have 2 to 3 weeks from the date you get the papers to the date the sheriff arrives.

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