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After reading the advise on how to turn in somone for Parole violations anomyously in Michigan

Dexter, MI |

It was recommended to contact the parole Officer which I promptly have done. The violations were spelled out, times of violations and places. Yet all that was done was the parole officer told parole someone called and complained about his violations and said parole officer cannot believe parole would do so. NO SURPRISE DRUG CHECKS NO NOTHING! NOW WHAT?
This guy is abusing drugs , drinking after guideliness spell out he cannot, no drivers license yet drives sell drugs from his place of employment and so much more. Rules and laws do not apply to him.

Proof? I gave all details. He is doing drugs and drops each 2 weeks, He knows how to beat the tests, A surprise drop test would validate.He hides his drugs under the hood, Ya think a canine could proove? He has no drivers license yet he drives to the parole officer, How hard would it be to validate?He has credit card specifically ruled out in parole,yet he uses them.Why did the probation officer tell him someone reported him and told him what was said? Fox is watchin the hen house here and the system is letting him go. He is going to kill someone with his driving and then what? How does a civilian do the job of law enforcement?What is Proof?.I went to the Parole officer , she told me she could call him and have him drop that day, she told him everything I said and said she doesnt believe he is doing drugs. I could provided all the names and If I am right then we have a case of someone not doing their job. Am I wrong in saying law enforcement can search him anytime he is on porole for suspicions or complaints?

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They still have to have proof. It's hard to prove something from an anonymous source because they can't be confronted or cross examined. Provide them with ascertainable proof so it cannot be ignored.


Go to the local police and tell them.



You recommend I risk my safety. The parole officer said all I said except my name.Had she had that I may be in danger or this violent felon. Not being a smart ass looking for realistic answers. This is a very small comunity and I dont need to be playing police when they refuse to stop a spefic car and ask for a drivers license. Or why wouldnt the parole order a immediate drop. This is all typical stuff when a complaint has been made?

David B. Carter Jr.

David B. Carter Jr.


Look. You told the PO and they blew you off!! Your only option is to go to the local police. You never said that you live in a small community and you are in fear of him so don't get upset when advise is given to you BASED on the info. you provide. NOW that you tell me you live in a small community and you are fearful of him (something you failed to say earlier) Talk to the State police or the local prosecutor.


There needs to be some proof of a violation.

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