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After purchasing a RoyaltyFree image, may I use it for multiple clients? What should I look out for in the "license agreement"?

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I am a designer. Recently a company called Thinkstock offered up a deal for "1 year access to over 10 million images, thousands of new images added weekly, download the highest resolution at no additional cost, receive a 10% discount on your creative still purchases at Getty Images and all purchases on iStockphotos., periodic or annual billing".

Thinkstock accesses photos from from 40 different RF collections from Getty Images, iStock photo, Hemera, Jupiter Images, and many more RF collections.

My concern, is when it comes to a license agreement, is there anything that I need to look out for? For example, can I use an image for multiple clients, repurposing it however I need? And, may I use it as many times as I need for as many different clients as I need? Thanks.

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Royalty-free images give you nearly unlimited use. You are allowed to use the image in many different projects as you like. Having said this, your limiting factors will be clearly listed in the terms and conditions of Thinkstock. I suggest you go back and carefully read through the service terms and agreement.

You're using these images in multiple client projects, for which the clients are compensating you. I would suggest you look for such limiting language within Thinkstock's terms and conditions. A possible argument is that this constitutes resale of the images you are purchasing from them.

In summary, your rightful use of the images will be heavily dependent on the terms of the agreement. You will have to go and study them and see if the limitations in those terms fit your scenario.

Your particular situation may be different. This answer is intended for information purposes only. No Attorney-Client relationship has been established.