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After my 61 day wait period, I submitted my uncontested final divorce decree for the judge to approve.

Irving, TX |

However, I put my husbands cars on their stating he would keep them, but i didnt list the vein #'s. Will this delay the judge approving the final decree??

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You should be fine without the VINs. It would be best to get and write them in the Decree, but it won't stop the judge from signing it.


Not including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the divorce decree will not keep the judge from signing the decree. But, if the two of you financed the cars and both of you signed the purchase contract, the finance company can still try to make you pay the note on the car he keeps if he stops paying, because the divorce decree is binding on your husband and you, but not the finance company. So, it can be helpful to let the finance company know about the divorce decree.

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