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After i sign my settlement when should i receive my money

Kissimmee, FL |

i have signed and notorised my settlement agreement , how long should it take to get my money

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The other party will have to sign it and then tender a check to your attorney and then you will be paid. Sometimes the Court will have to approve the settlement. So there is no exact answer other than unfortunately the word "soon"

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I am guessing that your settlement agreement does not specify how soon payment is to be made after it is approved by the court.

It is not uncommon to see these terms missing from settlement agreement, but it makes it difficult for you to know when you can bring an action against the opposing party if they do not pay the amount due after the court has approved it.

Another matter to consider is whether the court has maintained jurisdiction over the matter, in case you need to go back to court to enforce the terms of the settlement, that is so you can go back to the same court, with the same case number, to complain that the opposing party has not paid the settlement amount.

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May I suggest you ask your attorney.


There is no precise answer to your questions as this depends on whether court approval is necessary and what you have agreed to in terms of payment

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