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After I-130 approved, how long NVC send visa application

San Francisco, CA |

I already received I-130 approved letter from November 08 2010.
Since then I've been waiting for NVC to send my visa application documents.
Until now, I don't have any news from them. After 90 days I called NVC and they told me to contact with my lawyer, because they sent all information to him on November 17 2010. After that I call the Lawyer's Office , but they don't have any information.
On March 1st, I sent e-mail to NVC to ask again about my case status, but they didn't respond yet.
I follow the timeline on many users in this forum and I can see, NVC respond more quickly than my case. I've been waiting more than 4 months and I am worried about my case status .What else I have to do.

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It's hard to say because you don't say what kind of I-130 case this is and what country you are from or what status you are now if you're in the US. Nevertheless, if you have an attorney it is his/her job to try and resolve the situation. We can not advise you of you already have counsel.

If your lawyer has lost your trust you may fire him or her and seek new counsel.

Andre Olivie, Esq.


The following information is procedural in nature, is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship, and is merely for information purposes.

The NVC will send the documents to your attorney via e-mail. You should be able to call the NVC and find out what your case number is. If you have lost trust in your lawyer, you can fire him and remove him from the case - and then have the NVC send the documents to you. However, you should make sure you have not misunderstood things before doing so. In many cases, the NVC will also mail or email you a copy too; ask the NVC to send you a copy directly.

The NVC normally sends the visa application documents within two months a visa number becoming available for the case. You can view the visa bulletin by going here:

Additionally, in a few types of cases the NVC does not send visa application documents.

Visit your attorney and ask him or her for more information. Sometimes attorney's get lost in all the clients they have and a case without a firm deadline is temporarily misplaced. A little friendly nudge is sometimes required to remind an attorney about your case.

Finally, keep in mind that you have one year to respond to the NVC from the date that they last sent documents to you or your attorney. If you do not respond within that time frame, your case may be rejected automatically.