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After giving a 30 day notice, what do I do if the tenant doesn't leave?

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I have given a 30 day notice but my tenant (who are my parents) say they will not leave. What do I do next? Do I need a lawyer?

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You have to file a lawsuit to evict them. A lot of people handle their own evictions but many of them are landlords who have been through th mill before. Since it sounds like this is your first time, you might do everything "right", but if the notice was improper or improperly delivered or filled out...., or you haven't waited the requisite amount of time to sue, or your pleadings are may be back at step one before you know it, with angrier non-paying "tenants" still in occupancy.....

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You will have to file a lawsuit to evict the tenant.

You may use a lawyer. Many landlords do. You may proceed on your own. This might elogngate the process, but perhaps not.


You have to evict them. Don't try it yourself, hire an attorney.

Because these are your parents, you may want to think about giving them some cash to leave by a certain date.

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