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After expungement my record for shoplifting there is nothing else you can do to clean your recor for ever......

Hackensack, NJ |

I have a conviction for shoplifting I expungment my record but I don't think that is cause is stil show up .... I will like to erase this accident for life for ever and move on.......There no program or communities service something anything.....

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If the matter is still showing up on your CCH then you need to speak with the lawyer that handled the expungement. The offense is not expunged for all matters, it will still appear for law enforcement and some other government employers.

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You asked this question before. The order was signed in July I believe. If it was served properly by your attorney the State Police are backlogged. It may still come off your record. Speak to your attorney. If you did this yourself speak to an attorney and see if you did everything correctly.


I agree with my colleagues.

Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advise and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.