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After compromised settlement in a mediation, how long does it take to receive check?

High Point, NC |

been 4 weeks since settlement was agreed upon by both parties. How long til I receive check? Bills are piling up???

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You should check with your attorney. Your attorney may have already received the check and is just waiting for it to clear so disbursements can be made. Sometimes, before the check can be processed, you have to endorse the check as well. It really depends on how the check is written. Regardless, the settlement is typically processed 2 to 4 weeks after a settlement agreement is reached. So, you should be receiving your money soon.


The Separation Agreement should have included the date by which the other spouse was expected to forward the funds to you. For example: " the H/W shall pay to the W/H the sum of $ within X days/weeks/months from the date of dissolution". If your Separation Agreement agreement is silent, I recommend that you speak with your spouse about his/her expectation, and call the mediator who drafted the agreement. An attorney-mediator drafts more comprehensive Separation Agreements which includes compliance dates. However, often, if issues such as this are omitted from the Agreement, the mediator can address the issue over the telephone with the parties and resolve the potential conflict immediately. If necessary, the couple can return back to mediation to address a potential mutual mistake or inadvertent omission.

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It appears from your question that this was a NC Workers' Compensation mediation. If so, it usually takes four to six weeks from settlement to payment, but this can vary considerably. If you have already signed the agreement, the process should be about half over. The delay is probably not with the Commission approving the settlement, but with the defendant sending the agreement to the Commission for approval. Once approved, your attorney should be able to tell you the exact date that the Commission approved the agreement. Once the agreement has been approved, payment as must be mailed (to your attorney's office) within 24 days or another 10% should be added to the amount due.

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