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After arrest, will I see an attorney before arraignment?

Anson, TX |

I am going to be charged with a felony theft case ($1675 cost to replace material) and the D.A. said I will be arrested, will I get to see a public defender before arraignment and how long should I expect before arraignment? The D.A. says it is a probation case if I will plead guilty and he will try to get it expedited. How long should I expect to sit in jail? Also what are my chances of getting an O.R. bond since I am on disability and no money?

If I want to plea guilty at arraignment, will I be represented by a public defender and take care of the case that day.

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Have you considered hiring a lawyer? There are many good ones down in Abilen. I suspect Anson has a few, too. May cost a lot less than you think, and when you hire, you choose.

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