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After an Indicated child abust ruling, what can I do to protect my child?

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My Ex-Husband is in trouble for many aspects of having child pornography. After he and I seperated (because of that and many other reasons) my daughter came home very often telling me about something her 'father' had done to her. There was never any PHYSICAL evidence, but it was clear to myself as well as professionals that indeed something terribly wrong was going on. My question is, what can I do now to protect my child from him? Can I press charges when there is indicated abuse? They closed the case and said that no services were needed at the time. I am worried about him EVER having access to her again. I am worried about her being hurt again.

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Get an attorney, try to get an emergency order so he can't see the kids and at the second hearing, present the evidence you have. The standard of proof in a criminal case is higher than in a domestic case.

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