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After a technical probation violation(moving to another state) can you have a lawyer file motion to dismiss?

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I had to move states when I was on probation in order to better my life ( Was on probation for public intoxication and alcohol possession by a minor). My family (step father, mother and step sister) were not living good lives (drugs and alcohol). I moved with my dad in order to stay away from that lifestyle, which was a probation violation and a warrant was issued. I spoke with the PO and she told me to write a letter to the judge explaining my situation. I wrote the letter and the warrant expired and was not reissued. Since I moved out here I have not been in trouble with law and have steady job and am going to real estate school. Do I have any chance at this being dismissed? Or possibly transferred for completion?

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I would suggest contacting your probation officer and requesting that the probation be transferred to the county where you're currently residing. This action could possibly bring some closure to the situation.

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