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After a plea can you go back and fight your case

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i have been convicted of 48 counts all feloneys and i feel like i was railroaded in to taking a deal after being in jail for 1 1/2 years i do believe i could have beatin most of the charges but i took a deal because i felt that my attorney was not on my side can i some how go back and get some of the charges dropped or what can i do to get them off my record 48 feloneys any more trouble and they well charge me with inhansement help please

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You can make a motion to withdraw the plea before the sentence is imposed but not afterwards. Then you have 60 days after sentencing to file an appeal. If both these deadlines have past you may find a lawyer willing to file a writ of habeas corpus for you. Beyond that there are no tomorrows.


There are a number of ways that you can seek to vacate the plea agreement. It is usually very difficult to do, but it is certainly possible depending on the facts of your case, and whether you were represented by incompetent counsel.

Most criminal attorneys offer free consultations. Your question really requires a consultation since there are way too many facts that an attorney would need to offer you any meaningful guidance.

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If you plead guilty, you can move the court to set aside the guilty plea and take the case to trial. IF you were convicted by a jury, you need to appeal.

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