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After a person dies does the next of kin have to pay medical bills?

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My Fiancée passed away on Thursday and his sisters were told that the next of kin would be held accountable to pay for the medical bills . In this case it would be his parents since we were not legally married . His mother is stressed out because the sum of his medical bills is about 20 , 000 - 30 , 000 . Is this true that the next of kin is responsible to pay this bill even though they never signed any documents saying they would pay if their son passed away ?

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My condolences for your loss. As a general rule only the estate of the decedent is liable for the debts of the decedent. The answer would be otherwise, of course, if someone else assuming liability by signing something.

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As mentioned, the estate is responsible for the bills. The Probate Code has very specific rules on how they are paid. If the estate has no money there is not anything to collect on. Creditors will attempt to have people apy on debts they dont need ...

If the estate has money or property, a probate action would need to be started.. It would be well worth sitting down with an attorney who can walk you through the process...

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No. As long as the next of kin didn't assume the debt and the Decedent wasn't married, then only the assets of the estate are liable for the Decedent's debts.

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