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After a CPS case is closed. Now what?

Los Angeles, CA |

I received a phone call from a CPS social worker, informing me that someone who knew my daughter, had called to report that she told them she was abused by me when she was younger. After a few questions, the case worker informed me that she would be closing the case. She talked with my daughter and that she (my daughter) strongly denied all the allegations, and that she never told anyone that I abused her. My daughter now believes that it may have been an ex-boyfriend that phoned it in. My question(s) are....What happens to this case? How long is the shelf life? Is it open to the public? I realize that there are laws in place to protect the one making the charges, but the law needs to be changed. After my daughter denied the charge, then the person who called should be revealed.

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You must pursue the matter and make a case of it with CPS. You will have to secure counsel if you are serious, but an open CPS file is not a good thing.



to your District court of your county and file an OSC to mpdify the judgement whether its visits or custody there must be a change of circumstances to modify custody hope this helps.