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After 12 years of marriage in florida is a prenuptial still valid?

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My husband and I are no longer getting along and I would like to know if he can just tell me to leave because we have a prenuptial that just gives me a small amount of money for every year we are together.

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The prenuptial agreement might be valid, assuming it is enforceable. You can always challenge a prenuptial agreement. That may also be a separate issue from vacating the marital home. Consult with a local family law attorney and bring a copy of the prenuptial agreement. You should still file for divorce but some or all of the prenuptial agreement might be invalid.

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The length of your marriage would have no effect on the validity of a properly drafted prenuptial agreement. However, you should consult with an attorney and have the prenuptial agreement reviewed to see if it is in fact valid under your particular circumstances. As a general measure you could not be forced out of the marital home until the divorce is finalized or the court issues an order requiring you to vacate the home in the interim.


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Take the prenup agreement to a local attorney. There are methods of challenging the validity of a prenup, for example was complete disclosure made, was there any type of fraud or misrepresentation. These are grounds for invalidation of a prenup. If the prenup was executed properly and there are no grounds for invalidation, chances are a Court will enforce it.

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You should definitely consult with an attorney and likely you will need to pay for an attorney to review your specific pre-nup. No attorney can adequately answer a question regarding the enforce-ability without reviewing the agreement. There are several ways to try and get out of an agreement which a family law may be able to assist you with.

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