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Afraid extended overseas stay will trigger stoke interview!

Houston, TX |

When I came back from overseas I was sent to a secondary interview which lasted about 10hours, I was asked series of questions about my marriage and my long (7months) overseas stay. I have filled for the i-751 (With plenty of proofs) and waiting for the biometric which is taking very long (2months since I filed the i-751 but still didn't receive the appointment). I wonder if the interview I had with the CBP(Custom and Border Patrol) at the airport in hindering my case.
Thank you so much for your help and God bless.

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If you were gone for 7 months ... without your spouse .. you should hire a lawyer and expect an interview.

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No, the fact that you were placed in secondary inspection is not the reason for the delay. That said, I agree with my colleague. You will likely have an interview and if you submitted insufficient evidence with your 751 filing an interview is likely.

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Your fear is reasonable. Hire an immigration attorney.

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