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Advice for informal hearing after DUI

Lewistown, IL |

I'm eligible for an informal hearing now after my DUI. A few details about my case: blew a .102, cooperated fully with everything the night of the arrest and after sentencing, no other traffic violations other than a minor speeding ticket. Just probation and some fines.

Anyways, I got an evaluation done and I'm minimal risk. I rarely drink more than 6 beers in one night, which lines up with what I'd said on the evaluation and what I blew that night. I also don't do any drugs, and haven't smoked cannabis in at least 5 years.

My question is this: what can I expect? I don't have anything to lie about, but I keep hearing all these horror stories. Unfortunately, I'm a broke college student, or I'd just get a good lawyer here.

Any general advice if I do indeed go solo?

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You will learn that the Secretary of State doesn't reinstate convicted drunk drivers who continue to drink six beers in one sitting. I recommend that you reduce your alcohol usage and try after a year of responsible drinking.


Not many people get convicted of Dui with a .10 BAC and no priors. The fact you did not receive supervision may be that you got the DUI in Champaign and are under 21, you had an accident or you represented yourself. Your cooperation with the system will not impress the SOS at all. Your cooperation may have caused you to plead guilty thinking it would help you.

There is one fact you provided here that leaves me with little doubt that you will be denied. The denial letter will tell you why and that you can have another hearing every 30 days. Good luck. I am afraid you will need it.



Thanks for the detail. I was 23 at the time and it happened in Fulton County, although there were no accidents. In fact, the officer said I was going 1 mph under the speed limit, but he claimed he saw me go in to the left lane just enough that he was suspicious (at 1 a.m.). I was represented by the public defender, so I suppose you get what you pay for. I should have noted that it's been more than 6 months since I took the evaluation and did the risk ed course. I'm more wondering how I should prepare myself now since I can do the informal at any time.