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Adult Protective Services harassing Us into putting our Mom in a Nursing Home

Carrollton, TX |

Adult Protective Services came to our house claiming someone turned Us in, when she got there she said then it was false. Then a week or two later she shows up again claiming someone turned Us in again but wouldn't tell Us what. Ever since then our Mom has been in and out of the hospital and skilled nursing facility this woman has been calling where she's at asking what we are going to do with her. Finally we found out that she said we were not taking care of her because she had been in the hospital several times within a couple of months for infections and her blood sugar was to high. This woman is still harassing Us now she has D.A.D.S involved now all with no evidence. What can we do about this ? There is more to this but can't explain on here.

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APS is a branch of government and it has vast power. It can initiate guardianship proceedings and it can refer for criminal prosecution. You would be best served by consulting an attorney experienced in dealing with them. They know they can get away with bullying you and they will.

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Chances are that you don't know what evidence APS is looking at. It may well look like neglect or abuse to them. At this point you should hire an elder law attorney. You don't want to wait so long that you need a criminal defense attorney, too.



I have a cousin that is Chief of Police in town in Texas, she already talked to the woman from APS and the APS woman told my cousin she had no evidence, it was just last case senerio so since then my Mom has been in Hospitals and a re-hab and now another re-hab my Mom has been home 1 time since this APS woman started this....I don't see how they can have anything because my Mom hasn't been home. We are moving her to Oklahoma in a Speciality Hospital there....The nursing home is wanting Me to file for medicaid, but I've told them from the very start when she was put in there temporary that as soon as that place says OK we are transferring her there. They want to have a meeting on Tuesday and it's just to tell how my Mom is doing well since she's been there her bed sore is worse wound care nurse says she can see her bone and spine but the meeting APS & D.A.D.S want to be there but I feel I will be bullied into making me file for medicaid so should I tell them No to the meeting ??? Plus when move to Oklahoma we will medicaid there, I afraid it will mess up the medicaid there. Please advise I scared to death and don't know what to do....Thank You God Bless

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