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Adjust status after being deported and reentering the US?

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My friend ( Mexican citizen) has been married to a US citizen for 2 years. He reentered the US after being previously deported. He has no criminal record.
if the Immigration Reform becomes law, will he get a chance to adjust status?

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Will not know until there is a law. There is no law yet.

See links below:

The bills introduced in Congress are not law yet. Anyone who promises you immigration reform benefits or advises you on whether you qualify is likely to have two goals in mind: 1) get your money and 2) get you deported so they can keep your money. DO NOT fall for promises by notarios or unscrupulous attorneys.

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Great links! Thank you!


Depending on when your friend reentered the US after the previous deportation, and the reason he was deported in the first place, he faces serious bars to adjustment of status under current law. It is unlikely that the immigration reform, if passed, will sweep away these problems for him. He should consult with a qualified and experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible to discuss hos options.


I agree with my colleagues. A bill passed in the Senate does not become law until it is passed in the House. It is unlikely that his return after deportation will help him. He needs to consult an immigration attorney.

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Unfortunately his refusal to respect the Judge's deportation order may be a long range bar.

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Impossible to predict right not because there is no reform until the House and Senate agree on the provisions and it is signed by the President.

Your friend is subject to reinstatement of the deportation order under existing law if he is caught .

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He is facing a permanent bar. I did not see anything in the new law lifting it.