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Adjudication of guilt withheld (FLORIDA)

Jacksonville, FL |

I was arrested for DUI and my son was in the car (i already hate myself, great mother, bad decision). The DUI ended up Nolle but I received Adjudication withheld (06/28/2011 Duval County) for felony 3rd degree child abuse and 3 yrs supervised probation. I am a full-time student and will graduate in 2012 as a court reporter. I am terrified that I will not be able to get a job, my notary or anything. I want to move to Pinellas County and work in the court system or private law firm, but I believe that I have royally messed this up for good. What can I do to fix this for employment purposes. FYI...I am the go to mom in the neighborhood, all the parents still love me and don't judge me. I made a horrible, horrible judgment call that day and will forever be truly sorry. How do I explain this?

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It looks like the charge of Aggravated Child abuse will remain on your record as it is charge that is disqualified for Sealing by FDLE.

When you fill out job applications, read very carefully what is asked of you. If the application states, "Have you been convicted of a crime?" Then you can lawfully answer, "No."

If it says, "Have you been convicted or had Adjudcation Withheld for a crime?"
Then you must answer, "Yes."

You seem very remorseful and it seems that you take this mistake you have made very seriously. Honesty is the best policy.

Best of luck.


Mr. Rubino provides great advice. Since you received a withhold, you have not been convicted of that crime and so can honestly answer as such. But, if the application asks about arrests or withholds specifically, it is best to answer honestly and then explain as best you can how that came about.

I do not have specific information about becoming a notary, but you should be able to obtain an application and read it over for yourself, no sense until waiting until the last minute. Not sure what other qualification a court reporter must have so you'll need to check that out by talking it over with someone who does know. I wish you the best of luck.

The above is provided for educational purposes only and is not legal advice nor makes you a client of the Mosca Law Firm, PA. Please consult with a lawyer in order to obtain confidential legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation and facts.


Unfortunately, the charge of child abuse, even with adjudication of guilt being withheld, is one of the disqualifying offenses for expunction/sealing in the State of Florida. However, as indicated in the previous answer, if asked if you have been "convicted" of a crime, you can honestly answer no due to the withhold of adjudication.

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