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Address to send N400 for Florida residents. N400 form changed.

Pembroke Pines, FL |

What is the address to send N400 for some one living in Pembroke Pines, Florida? Is there a new N400, if what what is the date?

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There is a new N400 form. USCIS is only accepting the new form now. You can locate it here:

The address where you should send the form is:
P.O. Box 660060
Dallas, TX 75266

However, if you are sending the form via express mail, the address is different.

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There is a new form. Be sure to use the new N-400 which can be found at this website:
Be sure to review instructions carefully for correct address. Most importantly get help from competent counsel before filing with USCIS.
Good luck

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Yes, there is a new (longer) N-400 Form that was released months ago and since a few days ago USICS will no longer agree to process the old one. The instructions for the mailing addresses have not changed. Read the Form's instructions to see where the Form needs to be sent.

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The most recent version of the form N-400 is available at At the same site, you will find complete instructions, including where to send the form. If you are still not sure where to send the form after you review the instructions, that is a good indication that you would benefit from the assistance of an immigration attorney.

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You will mail the application package to the USCIS drop-box in Dallas Texas as shown on the N-400 Instructions. less than 3 weeks get receipt and then biometrics within 10 days. Your USCIS Naturalization Interview will be at the Oakland Park office. The offices at the Oakland park are very polite. Good luck.

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