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Adding tips at the end of the night

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if you work at a job where they have a system that tells you to add the amount of CASH tips when you clock out at the end of the night and you would just fly past it and press "0" because it took too much time to sit there and count tips when you are trying to leave at the end of the night.... Im now nervous because what if the employer sends a customer to give me $$$ to see if I report it at the end of the night.... I can start this year but scared for being so lazy last year. All credit card tips are there though :)

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Simply add your credit card tips to your tax return for the entire year on your tax return. Then, you will not be in a position of filing a false tax return, which is a crime. Alternatively, you can ask your emloyer to amend your 2011 form W-2 to include your tips. Your employer may be reticent to do this as it will cost him time and money.

Good luck.


Marty Davidoff,, 732-274-1600. This answer is provided for general information only. You should seek advice from an attorney or tax professional.



My credit card tips are added automatically at the end of the night... and it gets taxed... thanks


Lets be real here, you are pressing zero to avoid tax, not because it takes to long to count your tips. Zero is a dead giveaway that u r not reporting truthfully, especially if you always press zero. You should report your cash tips as accurately as possible. Not only could you have a problem with your boss you could have a problem with the IRS.



I do pay taxes though my credit card tips are added and taxed.... can't i just guestimate and pay 2009-11 and amend my taxes? P.s It is a total pain I am being real...


If you are in an industry where others get cash tips, your employer knows you have received cash tips. Otherwise, I have to agree with Attorney Whitbeck that you have made it obvious that you are not reporting your cash tips by reporting $0.00. This can cause you problems if you are audited.



If I am audited how can they prove how much... when my credit card tips are added in my check and taxed? I started in 2009 can I just guestimate and pay irs cash for the past 3 years?

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