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Adding Medical Bill after Bankruptcy has been Discharged?

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I filed for bankruptcy in November of 2009, which was discharged in March 2010. I incurred a medical bill in January of 2010, which the bankruptcy was still in process and not discharged yet. I totally overlooked this bill and forgot to discuss with my attorney if I can add or not. Can I add this medical bill to this bankruptcy as the bankruptcy was not discharged during that time?

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If the service was provided after you filed your petition, it is your responsibility and cannot be discharged. For the most part, only debts existing at the time of the filing are dischargeable.


The general rule, applicable in your situation, is that debts in place in November 2009 when you filed are subject to discharge in your bankruptcy process

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Any debt incurred before the filing date is discharged. You incurred the debt after the filing date. Therefore, you are liable for it.


That is a post-Petition debt, meaning you incurred it AFTER filing, so you are liable for it.

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