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Adding a late fee to clients invoices.

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I have some clients that signed our agreement a while back ago. The agreement describes when invoices are sent- payment is due after 15 days. The agreement did not include any information about a late fee charge. Can I simply email clients and advised of "New Company Policy"- and describe that a late fee of $50 would be applied if late? Thank you.

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No, you cannot just email the clients to advise them of a new late fee. The clients would have to sign a written amendment to the original written agreement specifying when and how much the late fees would be.

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I agree with Mr. Chen because I assume you are writing about a transaction that is not between "merchants" and because you intend your new policy to apply retroactively. If either of those assumptions is correct the answer is clearly no: You cannot charge a late fee simply by adding it to your invoice. In transactions between merchants, however, and with respect to new invoices such a late payment penalty may be lawful depending on all the circumstances of the transaction.

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I agree with the other attorneys

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