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Accused of wrongfully stealing $5.00 at there a case?

Kissimmee, FL |

My sister is part of a diversion program & recently at her job they found out about her being in the program. Since then she noticed a Change in the way the store manager treated her. (The store manager is not her direct boss). My sister receives great feedback on her job performance all the time by her direct supervisor. Recently my sister was written up for tardiness (she is not the most punctual person since she started her employment) . Her direct boss let her know that he didn't want to but he was given the direction to do so. Recently my sister left work to go pick me up and while she was gone one of her peers had 5.00 stolen. My sister is now being accused by loss prev. Of stealing And was told thatshehadto tellthem about the details of the div. program. She felt so humiliated.

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That is tough situation for your sister because if they call the police and she is charged she may be thrown out of the diversion program. Regarding a potential civil case against the store you can post your question under employment litigation and see if anyone who does employment work will respond. Regarding her criminal charge in the past, I believe her employer does have a right to know but certainly an employment lawyer is best person to answer this question for you. If she gets charged, she will need a criminal lawyer to help deal with both the old theft case and new one. I hope she will not need one!

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