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Accused of forging a check

Temple, GA |

I'm being accused of forging a check but I didn't. I got rear ended by someone who didn't have insurance so they wrote me a check for the damages and when I go to my bank to cash the check the bank says they can't cash it and then I find out its a stolen check and the cops think I did it. I have done nothing wrong. What can I do

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Hire an attorney


If what you say is true, and you have documentation to back it up, an experienced lawyer can likely get this case dismissed. Hire a lawyer immediately.



I no longer have the check. When the bank said they couldn't cash it I went home and threw it away. And the investigator doesn't have anything other then me on video at the bank trying to cash the check and the video doesn't show the check or anything


Hire a lawyer.


The police and prosecutor will assume your story is bogus unless you have evidence to show that you really were in a car accident, such as the other driver's information, photos of the cars, photos of the damage, and the other driver's tag number. These are all things that the prosecutor will expect someone to have if they were in an accident.

Even if the other driver didn't have insurance, you should have. That means your own UM coverage would pay for the damage IF you called the police and made a report, but it doesn't sound like you did.

Without more evidence of a wreck, the prosecutor will assume you created this check yourself and cooked up the car wreck story as an explanation of where you got the check.

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