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Accountability Court Process

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My ex husband file a motion, asking that our case be set for accountability court. I was ordered to start paying him support on May 6th. The order was to include support going back to Oct 2012. I was not provided an atlas number til the 3rd week of May. I made a payment in May, plus another that didnt post til June. I made extra in June, so it would go toward arrears. I still have to make the full amount for July, yet i got notice, not only did he go to child support enforcement he file a motion with the judge to set it to accountability and set a 1k purge on $2100. I didnt know i had arrears to pay until May, because there was no order. Heres another kicker hes been sending me emails to pay up or i could go to jail. Plus, he still owes me 4K in support. What should i do?

Turns out the Motion he emailed me, was a bluff. I asked him if he filed it or not, he said, he didn't, he's waiting to see if I pay in July. However, the Motion was dated on July 22nd, before ALL payments are suppose to be made. I made the full months payment tonight online. Now, I plan on asking for an injunction of harassment, due to his threats and intimidation tactics. He seems to think that, since the Judge stated we are to communicate via email regarding our son, this means he can remind me of my financial obligation several times during the month. I think he just shot himself in the foot, with this bluff. Thank you all for your legal advice.

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You need to consult an Arizona Family Law attorney. Firms like my own, offer free 30 minute consultations to go through your options. You are not eligible for accountability court. Accountability Court requires you be 20k in arrears or delinquent or twelve consecutive months of missed payments. You still would need to respond to the motion for accountability court. You have access to the court to file a response yourself; however, I would recommend contacting an attorney. In your response you can ask that he pay your attorney's fees and costs for having to defend a frivolous and harassing filing.

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Save the emails. Don't reply yourself. Consult with an attorney in private. With $4,000 at stake, it's worth the investment.

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Your best move would be to consult a local attorney and discuss the case in detail. That way you can formulate a strategy.

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