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According to my below situation, what specialty of lawyer do I need?

La Mesa, CA |

My Bankruptcy was filed on Sept 13, 2012. I gave a $10,000.00 retainer agreement to handle my legal cases which are assets to the estate, and my bankruptcy. I had to fire

my attorney because he breached his agreement related to my legal actions. These legal actions were initiated to recuperate on my loses due to fraudulent action against me:

forged contracts and fraud on the court wich cost me the loss of my House. A Contractor destroyed it completly and abandoned the project after being paid $200,000.00. I

had to pay another $130,000.00 to get only a shell house. This is the situation that lead to my Bankruptcy. I have been looking for an attorney, and most of them told me I

would need a big Firm who can spend time at my litigation because most of my assets are in these cases. If you can't help me, can you refer me to a Firm who can?

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Here in Avvo are attorneys that are answering your questions and that have information posted about them including client reviews and Avvo reviews. Search for an attorney in your area in the search bar.

There are many factors that can affect how best to handle this matter and the best advise is to hire an attorney immediately. Unfortunately the advice above is a guess that is based on very scanty facts. Circumstances of all sorts can change the ultimate answer you need. If you want to know how best to handle the situation, make an appointment with an attorney and get good solid advise based on more exact facts. The money spent might give you the peace of mind you need.

Gary D. Bollinger

Gary D. Bollinger


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Lois Beasley-Carlisle

Lois Beasley-Carlisle


Yeah. I know. One of those things I need to get around to! I am always the one that take the pics in my family though! You know I do have a pic I may be able to upload. Thanks!


There is not sufficient information related to your first attorney to help you, but it would apear that you should seek the advice of a competent construction law attorney.


I would also suggest that you ask your bankruptcy attorney for referrals. If you are trying to complete your chapter 13 on your own then I recommend you try to find an attorney to help you with that as well.
Good luck.

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