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Accident Ran over a construction barrier on the highway.

Aurora, IL |

Last night 10/27/0- I was driving on the highway about 60 miles an hour. I ran over a construction barrier that dimished my car. I couldnt stop but because ther was traffic along a side of me. I ran over the sign and i couldnt get out o gear all I could see was white smoke and sparks coming fom the back of my car. I have a stick shift and it was stuck in gear. I finally gout out of gear about a 4 blocks down on the highway. I called the Illinois state police to fill out a report. The officer told me that i was not the only one who ran it over. When i ran it over i saw the truck behind me pick up the big huge sign that was in the middle of the 3rd lane. I called the Highway tecchnolgize the state contractors for the road construction. I told them what happen and they are getting back to me. I called my insurance company state farm there's nothing they can do because I have libailty insurance. I had my car tolled home last night. I think the whole engine is shot. i have 1996 dodge neon with alot of after market stuff on it. My question to you is what should I do about speeding this up I had to take off work? the construction comapny told me that they need three estimates to fix the car I told the guy i dont have the money to tow it three places to get it looked at. What should I say and not to say to the construction comapny in case of a lawsuit.

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I'm glad that you weren't hurt. Insurance companies have procedures that they follow when assessing property damage accidents. This is the reason that someone told you that they will need three estimates before they'll make you an offer. Don't worry about having to tow it to different places-- the insurer will have to have the adjusters visit the car where it is. Take the time now to sit down and make a list of all of the after-market stuff on the car. If you have saved receipts from the purchase of this stuff, get them together. If not, get on the internet and print off current prices of the stuff, making sure that what you're printing is exactly the same model. List when the after market upgrades were made. Having all of this together and organized will help speed things along. It may also help for you to get back to the place where the car was towed and get photos of the most expensive after market accessories so there isn't any fight about whether they were on the car.

Usually I tell people not to give a recorded statement until they've spoken with a lawyer. The problem in your case is that it will be hard for you to justify the cost of hiring a lawyer with only a property damage accident. When you give your statement, make sure that you stick to what you saw, heard, and know. Don't guess about things you didn't see. Be very careful when estimating speed, distance and time. Answering "I don't know" is absolutely fine if it's true. Good luck.

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