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Accident in PA without car insurance, police report states that the accident was not the fault of either party, will I be sued.

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Car accident in PA, car registered in another state, license of driver is from another state, no car insurance,other party is licensed PA driver with PA reg. and insurance. Police report states that no party was at fault in accident. What can happen to driver of the out of state car with no car insurance ?

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None of the details you list prevent you from being sued, if that is what you mean?

An argument about your negligence (failure to keep proper lookout, failure to avoid striking another vehicle etc...) can be made whether or not you have insurance, whether or not the office wrote a report, or found fault or issued a ticket.


Many states may revoke the operating privileges of uninsured drivers involved in accidents, even if it was not there fault. Pennsylvania also has reciprocal reporting for motor vehicle violations with other states.
Unfortunately, I can not give a more detailed answer without know the other state that is involved.


The driver of the out of state vehicle is required to have the lawful insurance coverage while operating their vehicle in PA. That driver can be charged with failure to maintain laibility insurance. PA can revoke the driver's privilege to drive in PA. Under the Interstate Drivers License Compact, the other state must honor the suspension and revoke the driving privileges until the driver's privileges are restored by the State of PA.

Unless the police officer actually witnessed the accident, his report has no substantive effect on the decision of liability.

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