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Access to "public agency" record's. How do I obtain them. Does it require a Lawyer?

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Florida Statutes Section 119 . 01 ( 2 ) ( a ) : Public Agency's must take step's to ensure that their electronic records are properly maintained and available when requested . Florida electronic records includes video / audio / computer . I'm involved in a lawsuit against a central Florida hospital . Recently a OSHA inspector , based on my information went to this hospital to look at video that would have proven certain thing's said by the hospital Attorney to be false . The OSHA inspector was told , the video's are " purged " every fifteen day's . Was this a state violation ? Also , I know for a fact that maintenance record's for bed / stretcher repairs have been altered . Is the hospital required by law ( public agency ) to hand them over if I submit a request ? I was fired for trying to report a safety issue .

This hospital receives state and local tax funding,that's why I believe it is a "public agency". For over five year's I kept bed/stretcher repair record's on scrap paper. The hospital did not want them entered into their computer record. I had to go through two supervisor's,one head of security,and two Daytona Police officers. The Police officers determined it was my property, and I was allowed to leave with the "scrap paper" record's.

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Unless it is a state, county or city run hospital, it is not a public agency. Most hospitals in Florida that I am aware of are private for profit or non-profit corporations not subject to Chapter 119. OSHA regulations are federal regulations separate from Fla Ch. 119 and can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


There may be other laws, rules or regulations covering what you want. For example, you can put a person or entity on notice not to destroy evidence. I strongly suggest you obtain an attorney.

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