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Abusive ebay buyer left unwarranted and malicious negative feedback that makes false claims and won't revise them.What can I do?

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An ebay buyer who bought a digital camera opened a "Significantly Not As Described" case claiming there were scratches on the LCD. But the item was described to have been a display unit, there were lots of pictures that show the LCD, and it was never described as brand new.

I agreed for the item to be returned, but my return policy states shipping costs won't be refunded. The buyer agreed to pay for return shipping. I gave full refund for what he originally paid. Later on he wanted reimbursement and was unhappy when I asked him to honor his word.

Because of this he left negative feedback, a warning to buyers, and exaggerated claims, that 1. the lens was all scratched up on the item and 2. that all my items are store returns and mostly junk, all meant to ruin my ebay sales and reputation.

Thanks for the advice. I had hoped there would have been a way to compel him, just because multiple requests didn't work at first, to at least be honest with the review instead of making false claims and exaggerations. Seems like he's used to bullying others to get his way. Unfortunately ebay allows this behavior because feedback and ratings are one-sided, and worse only sellers really lose out on discounts and sales. Update: Buyer finally agreed to revise feedback after I made a request that clearly demonstrated my points.

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Don't make a big deal out of it. That only makes things worse. See the "Streisand Effect" or the current online battle between Amy's Bakery and the Kitchen Nightmare show with Gordon Ramsay. Both are perfect examples of how attacking negative feedback can blow up in your face.
You can give your side of the story on the ebay site - just be nice and calm about - no accusations, etc.
Or you can work something out with the buyer. Maybe give him his shipping money back in return for him posting something positive instead.
I don't recommend any legal action.


In these situations, it is usually easiest and cheapest to try to work something out with the person so he removes the negative feedback. I would ask him if you send him a check for the shipping if that would resolve this.


Ebay allows you to post a response to the negative feedback, giving your side of the story.

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