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Abstract of Judgement is there a time limit for filing my judgement with the court?

Austin, TX |

I would like to file a abstract of judgement with the there a time limit? I will be taking the ex-tenant back to court for theft issues and would like to file everything at the same judgement is one week old.. Thanks

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You should file the judgment as soon as you get it and start trying to enforce the judgment.

WAGE GARNISHMENT EXEMPTION: 100% of wages are exempt


Legal: 6% with agreement; up to 18% without agreement
Judgment: 10%


Open Account (credit card): 4 years
Written Contract: 4 years
Domestic Judgment: 10 years (Renewable)
Foreign Judgment: 10 years (Renewable)


The court clerk issues the abstract of judgment, and it's filed in the real property records of the county. The abstract can be issued at any time after the judgment becomes final (10 days for JP judgments, 30 days for others), and becomes a lien on non-exempt real propety owned by the judgment debtor in that county for 10 years. If you are taking the tenant back to court for damages, it will be a separate case.