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Absconding probation for 3 years

Alma, MI |

Ugh so here it is. I was put on probation in 2007 for writing bad checks. My charges were false pretenses 1,000 less than 20,000 and check w/o an account. I got 6 months and jail and 2 years probation. But i havent reported to my P.O in 3 years. I KNOW...that sounds terrible. I have moved 4 times and was getting different po's everytime i moved. The last one i called 4 times and they never returned my calls. It was extremely hard for me. No money and no car. Was in a terrible spot. Recently i just had a baby girl...shes about 2 weeks old and i can barely look at her knowing im the type of person that runs away from my problems. So im trying to get this taken care of. I am going to turn myself in within the next week but I wanted to know what kind of situation im in. I know it's not a good one. I was just wondering if it matters that i just had a baby and she has changed my life completly. If that would make a difference at all. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. I have not been in any trouble at all since.

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What you are facing is a violation of probation. You have the right to a contested hearing to challenge whether or not you actually violated your probation. If you are convicted after a hearing, or if you plead guilty to the probation violation, you are at the Judge's mercy as it relates to sentencing. The maximum sentence for False Pretenses $1000 or more but less than $20,000 is 5 years in prison and/or $10,000, or 3 times the value of the money or property involved, whichever is greater (pursuant to MCL 750.218(4)(a). The minimum possible sentence is no jail time at all.

The Judge will evaluate the violation of probation by weighing the positive things that you have done against the negative things you have done. How harsh or lenient the sentence will be depends upon the temperament of your Judge. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to hire an experienced criminal lawyer to advocate on your behalf. The time to address the situation is now, since you have a new baby and you have to get your life in order to care for your new baby. Please visit my website at the attached link.


You NEED to retain an experienced criminal attorney
to run "interference" for you to try to make some sort
of a deal. Good luck!


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