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About uncontested hearing

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After the motion hearing, if the judge schedules an uncontested hearing, the remaining issue will be simple, right? How long it takes to schedule an uncontested hearing. Thanks.

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There's no information here about what this hearing is about or what issues are before the court, so I don't think there's any way to answer this question. (Please see this Guide: .) If you're going through a divorce, you really should consult with an attorney in private. There's no way this site can be an adequate substitute.

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In general, an Uncontested Hearing is only scheduled when a divorce is to be finalized by way of consent, i.e. a Marital Settlement Agreement has been signed or the parties are otherwise stipulating to the terms of the divorce.

It is possible that you have your wording confused, i.e. you may be referring to a Default Hearing or a Trial Date. It is important that you be sure about what is scheduled in advance of appearing in court.

Kenneth A. White, Esq.

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Make sure you know what you are appearing for. An uncontested hearing means the case is settled. If you are confused, call the judge's law clerk to ask for clarification.

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