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About my wife's grandmothers will

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My wife asked a couple of days ago about her grandmothers will in which she stated that she has a copy of the will also. The will states that an initial amount was to be divided to the great grand children and any amount accrued from the time the will was made to the time of death was also to be divided. The executrix of the will and the beneficiary of the insurance policies happens to be my wife's mother. Reason I ask is, I am stating to sense foul play. about the distribution of the will. What my wife did not mention was the fact that she has had in her possession , for a number of years now, a legal power of attorney over her grandmother and her mother does not. I do realize that now her grandmother had passed, the power of attorney has become null and void.

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It is not at all clear what you are asking. If you believe that something is wrong, the only way you are going to get to the bottom of this is by contacting an attorney. The sooner you do this, the better chance you have of protecting your rights.

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You didn't mention why you suspect foul play. The mere fact that your wife had a power of attorney from her grandmother and your mother-in-law was nominated as the executrix doesn't see, by itself, to indicate foul play. People will often grant one person a power of attorney and name someone else as executor in a will. Nor is is uncommon for someone to name someone as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy and also nominate that same person a the executrix under the will.

With all that said, if you believe that the is some foul play or that the estate is not being handled correctly, you need to get your own attorney so they can ensure everything is handled correctly.

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My colleagues are correct. Your statement does not in itself present a question. Based on the facts you shared, what makes you suspect that there has been foul play? This may be a situation where contacting a local attorney may be beneficial.

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