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sir.. my name is sam ... i have a question.. me and my family settled in USA since 2005 our status is political assylum,, we cannot go back to our country but 2 years ago my grand mother was so sick she sad i wana see my son(my father) before i die... then my father and mother went back to country they had just travel documents no green card... my parents stay there almost 6 months that time my parents travel documents was expired... then i re apply for travel doocuments then immigration was asking about biometric my parents was not here thats my we ignore that latter ... now what we need to do i have a green card my father status can effect my green card? plzzz tell me the better way i am in trouble

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Consult with an experienced immigration attorney who is going to need to get specific information from you and a more clear picture of the situation.
you may also want to make an info pass appointment at the USCIS and ask a officer.


Your parents' immigration status will have no effect on your ability to stay in the U.S. Since you are a green card holder, the only way you will lose it is if you spend excessive time outside the U.S. or commit a crime that makes you deportable. Your parents may have issues coming back to the U.S., however. You may want to consider naturalizing and becoming a U.S. citizen. - Disclaimer: This a general answer to your legal question. Unless you have a signed engagement letter with me, you should not consider this information to be legal advice.


I agree with attorney Mulder.

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