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Finland, MN |

I have a Crane card and my husband has set up Venlndep and I want to drag my husband to me to America, I am now in Finland 7 months Does this affect on my return Please help me

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I need more information to answer your question. Do you have a Green Card? If so, green card holders are not allowed to stay outside the U.S. more than 6 months at a time. Otherwise, it could be construed that you abandoned your permanent residence.

You can return to the U.S., but probably should apply for a re-entry permit.

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Good luck!

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Not unless you have abandoned your residency.
It is best to contact an immigration lawyer for a discussion prior to your return.
If you went for a particular purpose with a set date of termination you should be able to return as an LPR.
You are welcome to contact me via the link provided below.
Safe trip.