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About Deferred Action and Immigration. What does continuous residence mean for the Deferred Action plan?

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Does that mean that each day has to be accounted for? What if I was a student, but did not take summer school? I'm finding it a bit difficult to prove that criteria for the deferred action.

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If you can, yes, and if not, do the best you can.

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If you are having difficult interpreting what is required of you, then it's time to have an attorney take it from here.

THIS ANSWER IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE, AND DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. Immigration is complicated and the wrong action can have serious consequences. Never take action in your case based solely on general information like is offered here. Speak to an attorney who can give you specific advice about your own situation.


It means you did not leave the USA for more than short periods of time for vacation or other reasons in the last 5 years


if you did not leave the U.S., you meet that part of the requirement.

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