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About cancelation of deportation. With a misdissmenior class U. Because I broke a restraining order twice.not domestic violence

Lexington, OR |

 never been in trouble with law before I came in November 2000 from Mexico (dob) 11\07\83 and I cross without a problem I'm married with an American citizen and I have 2 biological (1 with my ex parner) and 1 with my wife both of them born in here with ages of 5 years (daughter) and 2 months (son) and 2 stepsons a 5 year son and a 4 year daughter. My step son is especial need kid have my last court in December 8th I want to know if this class u missdisminor is going to interfere with the application of cancelation of deportation. And also if will affect the petition from my wife for me. Because I can't leave the country for a long time to wait for the forgiveness in Mexico I wold like to get it here and just go to Mexico for the interview with the forgiveness done here

Lexington, OR

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You are looking at an uphill battle. The immigration judges in Portland are quite tough.

Get a lawyer, don't be 'brave' and try to do things without an attorney.

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things donot look great for you, an attorney will maybe improve your odds, good luck


Uphill battle is mildly put by my colleague. Hire an immigration lawyer and quit posting on public forums.

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