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A truck ran me off the road made me hit a other car and i have 4 withness 2 were rideing in my car and 2 that i hit . what to do

Texarkana, TX |

i was driveing in the right lane and she came from the truning lane and got in the left lane and ran me into the curb and made me run into car next to me . the people who i hit said they saw her 2 and said she was in the wrong and put it on the police repot . how can i make the woman in truck pay ?

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The only way to make her pay is to identify her. If there are traffic cameras in the area, you may be able to get a plate #. Otherwise, you need to contact your own insurance company and make a claim for uninsured motorist coverage , which will kick in for injuries caused by an unidentified driver. Good luck


Did any of the witnesses write down the tractor trailer's license plate #? Did you identify the DOT number that is typically prominently displayed on the tractor trailer cab door? You need to somehow identify the company that owns the tractor trailer so you can make contact with the company. If there were cameras that possibly could provide you with the information, then see if you can obtain a digital copy of the wreck. We handle cases throughout Texas and would be happy to consult with you for free about this case. Good luck.

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If you were injured in the accident, then your first priority should be to receive proper medical care and report this and all pertinent information to your insurance company. If you can identify her by the car license plate, then you can pass that on to your insurance company as well. Best of luck.


I handled a similar case to this that happened north west of the the DFW area and my client was run off the road into an 8 foot deep ditch. In that case, the state troopers were able to radio ahead and track down the vehicle. It does not sound like you were so fortunate.

Do you or any of the witnesses recall any of the identifying marks on the trailer of the truck? If you can determine that, you may be able to subpoena records and find out what truck was in the area based upon the type of tracking/gps device the trucking company uses to track its drivers.

If you cannot identify the truck, you have a big problem. Even if you have uninsured motorist coverage, they will probably deny your claim since the truck never made contact with your vehicle (at least that is how I read your description.)


You should contact an attorney that can assist you in trying to find the driver if you do not see that information listed on the report. Perhaps someone listed on the police report if contacted might remember signage on the truck. You should contact your insurance company as well. But be adviced that the insurance company is often not in the practice of paying claims unless they must or are forced too. If you have injuries seek medical care and contact an attorney for legal advice immediately.

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