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A truck made a left hand turn in front of me i hit him whos fault is it

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i was going straight at a 4 way intersection I hit a truck that made a left hand turn in front of me. I am sure I had the green light, he says he was completing his left hand turn. I hit him in the passenger rear side. A witness stoped and stated he saw the truck turn in front of me. I have limited colision on my 1998 Blazer and it is totaled. My insurance company is trying to determine fault. Whos fault does this appear to be?

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Assuming there were no dedicated turn lanes with arrows, you both had the green light. You had the right-of-way. Your eyewitness seals the deal. Good luck.

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Was the police called to the scene and did the officer make a determination as to fault.
Your eye witness is very helpful and from the facts given is seems that the other vehicle failed to yield the right of way to you since you had the green light.
You should speak to a local car accident attorney to assist in your investigation and any potential claims for losses.

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As a general rule, you have the right of way and the other car, entering your lane of travel, must yield to you. The insurance company may assess some comparative fault on your part because you hit the rear of his vehicle, indicating that the other car was almost through the turn. However, the other party is more than 50% at fault and should be deemed responsible for this accident.


The person turning was most likely at fault. Contact a personal injury lawyer in your state if you were injured.

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